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  1. hamburglerv1

    Whitelabs WLP802 Czech Budejovice

    I was curious of how many generations WLP802 has been taken without failure? I’ve currently got a nice, big pitch in a Czech 10° Pilsner, and was planning on using the slurry for two more beers. It got me thinking how many beers can I actually swing from the original pitch of yeast. Thank you!
  2. cztrollolcz

    Making my own BIAB recipe

    Hello there, I am pretty new to brewing and have tried a few kits (which used extracts), but wanted to move on and try making something thats my own and fits my style a bit better - I am going for a czech lager, but more on the bitter side and with higher abv than is "usual" (just for the record...
  3. B

    Sonnet golding hops for czech lager?

    I just brewed a split batch of lager/ale using Sonnet Golding (4.2%) hops. I bought a pound at a great price. It is supposed to be Saaz heritage. It smells great and is a bit more floral than the "noble" hops. I did four hop additions totaling 11.5 ounces. I may dry hop if it seems needed. I...