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Aug 16, 2013
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Wuhan, China
As seen in another thread, I've got three jars of bottle-harvested Saison Dupont yeast that may or may not be infected. My plan is to do a mini-BIAB, splitting a three liter batch into three 1.5L water bottles and pitching one jar's yeast in each one for a combination trial/starter step. The biggest problem is that I have a 9 gallon kettle and a 4 liter (to the very lip) pot and nothing in between, so space is going to be tight in the little pot.

My plan is to mill .7kg of 1.031 pppg 2-row really fine, mash in 3L of water for 15-20 minutes (tossing the pot in a warmish oven to maintain temps), then do a little pour sparge and squeeze to get to about 3.5 liters in the pot and give it a 20-30 minute boil/simmer with about 22 IBUs of bittering hops before cooling, splitting, and pitching.

Does this sound feasible, or is the resulting beer going to be undrinkable because of DMS. My goal isn't great beer, but rather a trial to see if the yeast samples are okay or if they're clearly infected, but I still need the beer to come out halfway decent or I won't be able to tell if the yeast is bad or just the recipe.

I guess the major question is whether or not a 30 minute boil will be enough here, but I'd appreciate any ideas on process that would help me minimize mistakes and headaches as well. Thoughts?