RIS Explosion

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Jul 19, 2008
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I went to pull the lid off my RIS I brewed back in December for the monthly taste and I couldn't, so I pulled the pressure relief and got a copious amount of foamy beer come shooting out of the valve (like got my pants a bit soaked by how aggressive it was). I then took it to the shower w/ curtain closed to see if all I need to do was bleed off some pressure, I pulled for a few more seconds and got foam but it did subside. Needless to say after pulling the lid the beer just overtook the top and just came out foamy as all hell. I resealed it and put it on one of my kegerator lines and was able to pull a few samples with no CO2 whatsoever. I've never carbonated this beer via CO2 or any other means and have been taking samples every month with no difficulty removing the keg's lid. Any ideas to what could have caused this?

Also, taste and smell are just fine, no off flavors no off smells.