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Sep 19, 2008
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I've received a cider kit for a birthday present after putting my buckets in the loft a few years ago. I've just put the brewing sugar and contents of the tin in the brewing bucket and plan on transferring
either to a pressure barrel or to a second bucket.
The reason I don't always transfer to the pressure barrel is because with no means of adding cylinder CO2 pressure, it only stays carbonated for the first half of the brew plus I find being able to see the brew
coloration and clarity useful.

Well anyway, I recall what I used to do (but want to double check) was to add another bag of 1kg sugar at the time of transferring the brewed cider to the second vessel in order to get a stronger brew, and the taste was immensely smooth and thick, and it was indeed stronger.

I just wanted to pass this by you in case I have this wrong, maybe it was half a bag. Any thoughts on this, and sorry for for technically un-demanding use of tins and kits ;). I am actually the owner of a second hand press and a cooking apple tree, so I'll be trying that for the first time this summer.
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Oct 24, 2015
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Welcome Back!

Adding additional sugar does "kick up" the alcohol content if allowed to ferment out. How much you add is really all about your own personal preference (No "Right" or "Wrong") As long as the yeast are able to consume it then your good-to-go.

I started with Kits a number of years ago and did add additional sugar I tried both 1 & 2 Pound's (Roughly 1/2 to 1 Kilo) to some of them, but due to the lack of flavor it provided and sometimes harsh taste due to the alcohol content I went to substituting Frozen Apple Juice Concentrate = FAJC (Not too sure its available in England) Apple Juice Concentrate when not pre-mixed with water brings additional sugar and apple flavor to your kit cider.

Just my thoughts.

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