Reducing final gravity

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Aug 9, 2007
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Chiswick, London, UK

My porter started out at 1.048 and has stopped fermenting at 1.020. It seems a bit high - I read somewhere that giving the brew a gentle stir in the primary may rouse some yeast and lower the gravity a bit. Is this advisable? Or are there any other methods?

I use glass carboys, so I just roll it around, gently, to re-suspend the yeast. It also helps if you bring the temperature up to around 75F.
+1 Temps play a huge part. Nothing wrong with a long slow fermentation, but if you really think it is stuck, moving it to a warmer spot will probably stir it up enough.

What yeast did you use?
+1 on temp. In the earlier part of fermentation, mid 60's seems fine, but then the yeast poop out early. Get it in a warmer area for a day, then give it a swirl.
I'm having the same problem with my porter. So far a couple of days at about 68 degrees hasn't changed it.