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Sep 13, 2007
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Durham, CT
I have quite a bit of batches under my belt but have not yet brewed an IPA. So far I've been brewing recipes I've seen online, but I thought I'd see if I can design my own. I'm looking for something like a 420 IPA so I picked the same malts and hops that I believe they use. Think this would be tasty?

OG - ~1.067
IBU ~ 61

Grain Bill

10.5# 2-Row
3# Munich Malt
1.5# Crystal 40


1oz Chinook 13% (60 mins)
1.5oz Mt Hood 6% (50 mins)
1oz Liberty 4.3% (1 min)
2oz Liberty 4.3% (dry hop)

Nottingham Yeast
Looks good to me, if you don't like it I'll take it off your hands
I bet it will be kind of harsh after two weeks. I know you are going to try one anyway, but after a month I bet it will be real good!

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