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Sep 17, 2014
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I can compile a parts list with the exception of the electrical and bottle connection. I’m thinking of building one if I can find the uncommon parts. I’m a plumber and drain cleaner, soooo.....
Most threaded 750s are the same threads as a 20oz soda
I wouldn't trust a bung unless you know no one will bump into it.
As for the light socket, any big box hardware store has a variety of replacement sockets. Worst case, undersize it and JBWeld it. I'd be way more concerned about the bourbon than the light.
Oh, and you could easily rig this to a touch sensor. Add one of those Edison LED bulbs for flare. Also, looks like there is a 1/4npt quarter turn ball valve for the liquid shut off. May be a repurposed gas disconnect.
My guess is adapters will run more than the hardware between them.
But, I hate plumbing with a passion. Too many thread standards.


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Apr 18, 2006
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That's true.

It's so pure that you're essentially drinking a solvent. I'm not so sure that's good thing. Unless your on a cleanse and detox diet. At a molecular level the water wants to attach itself to all ions in proximity.

If you ran that water through copper pipe it'd eventually dissolve the copper.

Made that mistake once. In less than a month all of the plumbing was leaking.

My company was using it to rinse glass. To make insulated glass windows. It's makes the glass prefectly spot free when it dries.

Changed the pipe to cpvc. After that no problems.

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