Porter not hitting FG?

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Dec 20, 2007
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Osterville, MA
So i just took the second gravity reading tonight on my porter.
12/29/07 OG 1.062
1/6/08 1.021
1/11/08 1.019

This was the first brew that I ever used a starter and it didnt look all that great, so just in case I pitched a packet of dry yeast that didnt quite all the way make it to the wort. I gave it a swirl and hope that it will keep doing its thing. Any thoughts?
You're at 70% and porters tend to have high unferemntables. Is this extract or grain?
I just racked to secondary. I am dumb because I misread the estimated ABV. It's all good and I should end up with a tasty porter at about 5.5%.

Soulive music rocks I have seen them twice, they are sweet.