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Sep 19, 2017
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I have received my shipping numbers and items are in transit, you should have received notification by now. If not he may not have gotten them all inspected and shipped this past weekend. His garage was packed tight with them all this time around.

Trevor Mack

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Jun 16, 2018
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Boston, MA
I also noticed the cart was open again for any extras, not sure how long that will last this time around.

Cart just closed roughly 2 hours ago... there are a few extras so stay tuned to your emails over the coming week for the announcement to those that subscribed on pico-free.com for when that hits.
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Jun 13, 2020
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Hey all.

I just picked up the last Pico-free from the latest batch, should be here tomorrow. I already build a grain bin out of stainless steel and a crude but functional stainless steel hops bin for my pico pro.
I just picked up a pico s off ebay for $80 shipped. looking forward to being able to brew simultaneously.

I swapped out the fittings with ball lock fittings and started a deep clean cycle to make sure everything worked. The step filter just kept filling up and no water was going into the keg. I thought that was weird. Then I looked up the deep clean instructions for the pico-c.

I was under the impression that the pico c was the same as the pico pro except for cosmetics and the ball lock fittings. I could not be more wrong. It may have the same hardware but the software is totally different.

It seems to do a deep clean in a pico- C you need to connected the in and the out hoses, fill up the step filter and put a pico-c cleaning bucket in the step filter.

I was not havening any part of that. I logged into my home pIco server and created a beer recipe named it deep clean and adjusted the boil temps and hops cycles and sent it off its way to cleaning. just like the pico pro. There is still a few other nuances with the machine but I think I c an get around it.

I love this forum. They have a awesome recipe clone forum and i have made many clone beers with great results using beer smith and running the beer. xml through picobrew's recipe converter to adjust it to the pico sized batch.

I have noticed though I have to up the hops. in the recipe's I think it has something to do with the way the picobrew extracts the flavor from the hops as opposed to boiling the hops in a pot. But I have been able to adjust.

one think I have learned with my Pico pro. do a deep clean after every bacth of beer and do a deep clean after you machine sits for 3 or more months without use. I had a scare with my pro that cause it to not heat, and it took about 5 deep clean cycles to clean out whatever was clogging the heating steam injector tubing.