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Did you get in on the Oktober Designs SL1 Homebrewer Can Seamer pre-order?

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Sep 4, 2018
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Long time reader and first time posting!

I've been watching and waiting for their other seamers to go on sale and stumbled upon this pre-order sale in an Instagram post! They are running $100 off for preorders through 10/22. Cannot wait until mine ships just in time for the holidays!

Anyone else get in on the pre-order?!



Here's the info from their site:

Use discount code: SL1 -- First 100 orders receive $100 discount. Presale begins Oktober 15th and ends Oktober 22nd

SL1 presale machines are estimated to ship the last week of November

The Oktober SL1 Homebrewer Can Seamer is designed to seam aluminum beverage cans with size 202 ends (tops) with the B64 style profile. SL1 Homebrewer comes standard with adapters for 16oz and 12oz cans. Because the seamer shares the same upper and lower chucks and adapters as MK16 can seamers, it can optionally be set up for CDL and SuperEnd® (360 end®) profile ends (excluding size 200 ends), as well as optional can sizes like 500ml, 8oz "stubby", etc. There is also an option for 230V 50Hz power requirements (export model). Currently we are working on CE certification for the SL1; until that is complete we can't ship seamers to Europe.

Our original idea in 2014 was to build a can seamer specifically for home brewers, and we have finally accomplished that goal. After building over 2000 of our Oktober MK series can seamers and crowler can seamers for professional breweries and businesses, we have learned a lot about what a can seamer absolutely needs, and what it can live without. It’s because of those realizations that we updated the design of the seaming rollers and placed them both on a single lever arm; fewer parts = less cost. The SL1’s frame and drive cover are also more utilitarian.

It’s not quite as pretty as the MK series, but it creates the same quality seams, and will do so for many years and many cheers.

1yr parts warranty

Standard 16oz and 12oz cans, B64 202 ends

Same optional lower adapters and upper chucks for MK16v2 seamers (excluding 200 end tooling)

Power: 1/4hp drive

Weight: 27lbs

Footprint: 9.25 wide x 10.5 deep x 19.25 tall

Patent Pending

Comes in any color you want, as long as that color is black.

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