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    FREE Q and A with Julia Herz, the New Executive Director at the AHA

    Join Julia Herz the new Executive Director of the American Homebrewers Association as she shares what’s hot in homebrewing, how to get hooked on the hobby and what the AHA has in the mix to help homebrewers take their brewing to the next level in 2023. At the end there will be time for a Q and A...
  2. I

    Evil Dog IPA not stabilising and should I remove hop bags?

    Hi, I am making an Evil Dog IPA Kit, it has been fermenting for 3 weeks now and my gravity still has not stabilised, the instructions say to add hop bags 1-2 days before bottling, I have added the hop tea bags 2 days ago because I assumed it would be ready by now but its not. Should I simply...
  3. V

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    Spike Brew Trio System 30 gal (1/2bbl) with Two 15gal CF-15 conical fermenters - $8200 takes it all This has all the upgrades - double batch panel, stainless table, and wort chiller + two CF-15 fermenters with stands, bracing shelf, casters, sight glass, sampling chamber, carb stone, and temp...
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    Sold Complete Homebrew Setup!!! - $100 (Southern California)

    I NEED TO CLEAR OUT THE GARAGE!! Thinking about jumping into All Grain brewing? Get ready to the be the center hangout spot for your friends with this homebrew setup complete with Blichmann Top Tier Modular dual burner stand, 2 converted 15 gallon kegs into brew kettles, insulated mash tun...
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    For Sale Maryland - All Electric HERMS 15g

    15 Gallon All Electric HERMS system. Hate to say it but it’s time to offload some of my equipment. I have an 15 gallon all electric brew system from High Gravity with a few upgrades. This system is a champ, on a 220/50A circuit you can boil in both kettles at the same time. BLUF: Local Pickup...
  6. I

    3 weeks bottle, somethings wrong

    Hi, My lager beer has been bottled at 24 degrees for 3 weeks now. The colour is quite dark. The taste is not that of commercial beer, it tastes I guess a little yeasty? or is green the word? The head fizzed out quickly. I thought 3 weeks it was supposed to be good?
  7. I

    Fizzy beer, no head

    Hi, I have done a batch using Simply Ritchies Lager kit. I have stored my bottles at 24 degrees C for 2 and a half weeks now. I put one of the bottles in the fridge for 48 hours and tried it tonight. There was a loud pop (swingtop bottle) and as I poured it had a slight head which fizzed out...
  8. T

    What's on top of my Cider?

    My batch has currently been in its secondary fermentation container for the last 2 weeks and I noticed today some white material forming on the surface. I'm not too sure if this is mold or the cider is infected. Has anyone experienced this before or know what it is? Photos attached
  9. C

    Carbonation and Sweeter Cider?

    Are there any tips for beginner brewers on how to have a slightly sweeter than fully fermented cider with carbonation? I know it is said to be difficult, but I'm wondering if anyone has any tips. I would prefer to not back sweeten in the glass if at all possible. I read a bit about Camden...
  10. C

    Yeast Recs?

    I'm going to start my second batch of cider in a few weeks and I'm curious to try a different yeast than I did last year. Before I used a cider yeast. What is a yeast that would be good for sweetness and apple flavor? And is something that is easy to work with for beginners? I've read about...
  11. C

    Sweating Apples for Cider

    This is my second time making hard cider and this year I'm interested in trying to sweat my apples, especially because I was not entirely satisfied with the sweetness level of my first batch of cider. I'm hoping that sweating my apples can help this somewhat. After tasting all the apples from...
  12. Fern0022

    Cider Bottle Carb Issue

    I’m having issues with my cider bottles carbing. I used fresh grolsch flip top bottles and one plastic coke bottle (w/hot glue) to gauge the average pressure. After 10 days the coke bottle had not firmed up. I popped one of the glass bottles and it’s flat. It’s darn good and strong, but I prefer...
  13. V

    For Sale Homebrew supplies

    Hi! Selling some Homebrew supplies in San Francisco. Also have a few other odds and ends like tubes and a Malestrom for yeast making. $350 obo
  14. Mistivor

    New Brewer Wanting Advice

    I started my first brew 1pm yesterday and today at 6am I've found that it's fizzing and a must is already starting to form. I got my brew set up on an air lock now. Is the speed in which my fermentation set a good thing or should I be worried? Full process: We started off with prepping some...
  15. MarkP

    California Miscellaneous Items

    All items in Lake Forest California Pretty much everything you need to start homebrewing or expand your operation. Everything must go! My brother and I are trying to clear out brew gear we don't use any longer. We’re selling pieces or bulk, whatever you need. We are not a beer business—this...
  16. J

    Kegging Vs Bottling

    I've recently brewed a mango IPA using the BIAB method. It's turned out really well. Very hoppy and lovely taste. I bottled 5l of it and kept the other 10l for my keg. Ive bought a 5l keg which I've used for the first time with this brew. The beer tasted nice and had a nice head, it was just a...
  17. N

    15 Gal Single Tier Pro Pilot System

    A fully loaded Pro Pilot brew system is designed to hold up to a lifetime of everyday use and abuse including: mashing, smashing, cooking, canning, burning and stirring. It features all the necessary top-of-the-line components you need with none of the unnecessary gimmicks, gadgets or automation...
  18. Julian Høstan Urrea

    DIY Magnetic Stirrer by SmallSpacesBrewing

    Hey guys. Ive just posted a video on how to make your own Magnetic Stirrer. Hope you'll check it out. If you have any questions, ask here or please comment below video. And of course like and subscribe
  19. E

    Beginner Recipe Help

    Hello all! I am not only new to this forum, but I am new to home brewing as well! I have brewed a couple starter kits from Northern Brewer, but have decided to try my hand at making my own recipe to make the beer I want. I have come up with a recipe through looking at the style guidelines...
  20. crazymoyo

    ABV lower than normal - Advice

    Hello fellas, I hope you are doing great! Am new to homebewtalk and am looking to some advice to what am doing wrong:) I brewing for the last year mostly Pale Ales and IPA, also tried once Neipa. Am facing an issue where my beers turn out having low abs, approx 2.5-3.5% where they supposed to...