Oktober BanchMK drill powered can seamer

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Jan 13, 2022
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Fort Lauderdale
Hello, everyone. I just wanted to drop a quick note in here and let everyone know my experience with the new Oktober can seamer they have out. Overall I'm very happy with this purchase, and no complaints. My buddy has the SL1 and I've used it a few times, so I was somewhat familiar with Oktober products, but unsure about this one as it was brand new (i ordered the pre-sale version before there was anything out there on it).

Small/light weight so I can move/store it easier
Comes out of the box ready to go - comes with a sealed can so you know it works
Comes with adapter for 12 or 16 oz cans (cannular I had DID not... )
Price - only $500 and runs off a drill you have to provide

None so far... maybe the price of the smaller quantities of cans. I'll order a big box next time and it's cheaper.

I started with a Cannular, but had a lot of issues getting it setup (I'm pretty mechanically inclined) and the cans had to be their brand of cans, and not as easily available as the ones Oktober uses. The Cannular was easily returned to morebeverage, so no issues with them, just the product itself.

My 3 YO daughter and I were able to can up ~5 gallons of beer in less than an hour, and she was sanitizing in a bucket and feeding me cans and tops. I was using a last straw filler from northern brewer. I did run into oxidation issues in some of the cans, but I think that was more related to my processes than the cans themselves as the cans were still sealed and holding pressure.

Note on the pics: the dented can was just full of water as a test can and I squeezed it a lot to make sure it was sealed.