Northern Brewer Cooler Sight glass w/tee for thermometer

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Nov 6, 2008
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Now legal in Utah
If you're thinking about building your own hot liquor tun or mash tun (MLT or HLT) out of a cooler, this item will most likely work for you.

It fits about a 1.5" thick cooler (I got this for a 10G round cooler) and has a T fitting on the outside. The compression fitting fits most small hand-held dial thermometers both digital and analog. I ended up going with a large thermometer and had to get a different fitting.

The sight glass is tall enough that it will work with something as tall as a 10G round cooler.

What's it worth to you? It has never been used, but was about $35 at NB . I'm asking $20.00 plus shipping.