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For Sale Selling all my home brew equipment - Iowa

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Feb 6, 2023
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Iowa City, IA
Lot's of Homebrew Stuff For Sale

I haven't brewed for awhile and don't drink much now days. This stuff is just sitting in storage and I'd like to sell it before I move. Items have suggested prices. Some items may be listed on eBay. I'll remove items as they sell.

I accept PayPal, Venmo, Chime and cash. I'm located in Iowa City, IA. If you live within a reasonable distance I'm willing to negotiate delivery. Make me a reasonable offer.

More info and pictures at: drewletcher.net


Blichmann Top Tier Brewing Stand
Two - TopTier Burner tiers, 1 - large shelf (mash tun), 1 - small shelf, gas manifold, mounting hardware. Includes mounting brackets for a third burner. $350

Blichmann Tower of Power Command Stand
One - gas controller, 2 - pumps for mash recirculation and runoff, Blichmann connectors. Free standing or use replacement leg to attach to Top Tier. Label says 'Mash', but I used if for Hot Liquor Tank. $425

Blichmann Mounting Kit for TopTier Stand and Tower of Power
Replaces a leg on the Top Tier Stand. $50

Blichmann Burner Brewing Stand
Blichmann TopTier Burner with tall legs. Original short legs included $80

Blichmann Kettle / Mash Tun 14 Gallon with AutoSparge
Gen1, False bottom, AutoSparge, sight glass, thermometer, valve, cam-lock fitting. $180

SS Kettle / Mash Tun 8 Gallon
False bottom, thermometer, value, Blichmann connector. Used as hot liquor tank. Could use as mash tun or all-in-one mash/kettle with a big nylon bag. $65

SS Kettle 5 Gallon
includes ball valve. Use for small batch brewing, HLT or as cleaning and sanitizing tank. $20


Blichmann Conical Fermentor 14.5 Gallon
Gen1, thermowell, blow-off fittings (shown with airlock, trub collector (sight glass), leg extensions, valves and fittings. Fits nicely in standard size refrigerator. $350

Real Beer Cask 5 Gallon Pin
Pin, keystone bungs, shive bungs, hard shives, soft shives, cask breather, gravity dispense tap, stillage rack. $120

Sanke Kegs 1/6 BBL
Six - 1/6 BBL kegs, 1 - 1/6 BBL keg. I used the green one for Beer Line Cleaner. $50 @

Sanke Keg Filler $35

Sanke Keg Couplers
Three - Sanke D-Style Keg Coupler w/ SS Probe, 2 - with PRV $20 @

Sankey Spear Removal Tools
Tools to remove a keg spear. Usually uneccesary unless you really clog it up or the spring breaks. $30

Beer Wine Transfer Pump
Super Transfer Variable Speed Self Priming Transfer Pump (With Pre-Filter). $65

FerMonster Plastic Fermentor 3 Gallon
Wide Mouth, brand new. $10


Stir Plate with 2L Flask
Compact Magnetic Stir Plate, with 2000 ml Flask, stir bars, foam stopper. $30


CO2 Cylinder and Regulator
5# CO2 tank with single regulator. $45

Blichmann Beer Gun
V1 Blichmann Beer Gun. Gun and tubing only. $35

Bottle Capper
Includes some silver and black bottle caps. $15

Bottle Corker
Belgian / wine bottle corker. $25

Belgian Bottles 375ml $10

Belgian Bottles 750ml $10

Corks, Crowns, Wax $10


Cornelius Keg Parts $25

Draft Tower Extensions $10 @

Draft Tower
Twin draft tower, faucets, CO2 shutoffs. Sanke couplers extra. $50

Draft faucet
one left - brass chrome plated $5 @


Tools and parts for Draft Lines, Faucets, Growler Filler $25

Hoses, Hose Cutter, Picnic taps $25

PBW, StarSan, BLC $25

Carboy Stand $5

Plastic buckets $5

Blichmann Beer Gloves $10

Gas, Air, Pipe Fittings $20

Mash chemicals, brew spices $15
Spoon and brush $5

Air locks, stoppers $15

Barrel Bungs $20

Siphons, Fillers, temperature probe tube $15

CO2 cartridges $15 / set
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Welcome to HBT!

Per forum rules all items for sale need to have a price on them.

You have a bunch of smaller items with $0 and $BO on them. Can you fix those, and put a price on them?
You can negotiate from there.


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