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Jan 8, 2021
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We offer 5 diameters of false bottom and 4 leg lengths. The leg lengths coincide with common needs we have ascertained over a few years.
I'm wondering if one of your false bottoms could simplify my process. I do MIAB in a 10-gallon round Home Depot cooler. My current procedure is as follows:

Line cooler with bag. Add strike water slightly above strike temp. Dough in when strike temp is reached. Mash for 60 minutes (or whatever). Lift bag and wrap end around cooler handle to hold bag against the edge of the cooler above the liquid. Drain wort. Lower bag, open it up, add sparge water, stir, lift bag again and drain wort. Repeat.

Would one of your 13 inch SS false bottoms (currently out of stock) fit one of these coolers so that I could just leave the bag in place when draining the wort and then batch sparging? The specs refer to pots it would fit for BIAB but make no reference to MIAB, so I want to make sure there isn't something I'm missing. (The cooler inner diameter is about 13.1 inches according to my tape measure.)