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Germany too far east, Portugal is far too South and also Portugal is ruled out at all - so also not the Azores nor the Canares. I rule out Spain, as it's also the latitude of Portugal. And "The Low Countries" (interesting term).
It has palms so .. not Iceland (I cant't remember palm trees in a botanical gardens there). The Faröer may be west of Germany, but probably too far North for them either.
So either it's the UK, Ireland or France (not much left though).

I'd say St Helier, Jersey...?
How are the Channel Islands further west of Cologne!
I'd say Cologne is about 800km eastwards of them, roughly estimated. Now that I looked at it - I didn't realize, that they're on a lower latitude. Things I've learned because of HBT.

Darn, St. Peter Port would have been my next guess, but it's already out...

Newport, Isle of Wight?

But let's start with the continent; given the pollution (or is it just mist) - Asia?