Modify a "Pressure Tank"?

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May 21, 2007
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Has anyone ever gotten a "pressure tank" off ebay and modified it? I recently bought this on Ebay:



These are 2 Alloy Products pressure vessels very similar to corny kegs that are more commonly used in biopharm/industrial applications. They are very expensive new.

I mainly bought this lot for the smaller vessel...I got them both for about $120, so I figured it was like buying a 3 gal corny :)rockin:) and getting a 5 gal free. From the pics, it looks like the lids are a little smaller than a corny, BUT there are 4 threaded ports around the top. The crank-on style lid is so the vessel can be used with positive or negative pressure.

To my dismay, there is a threaded fitting "missing" on the large one. In other words, there is an "unthreaded" hole in the top where a bulkhead fitting would go. Sorry, not at home, can't take pics :The vessel wall flattens out and it looks as if something were meant to be screwed on either side. ( I figured at the worst, I can use the big one for a fermenter. I could probably insert thermometers, pressure gauges, etc. in the ports)

I wonder, what kind of threads are they, and will I be able to put ball lock keg posts on there? Any ideas on how to plug the hole so I can pressurize it? Maybe silver solder a plug in?