MidHudson Valley, CT Group Grain Buy #26

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Feb 28, 2010
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This buy is : OPEN

OK here is the deal:

1. Need 42 sacks for this delivery.
2. People will have to come and pick up their bags at the drop off location on a specific date and time after the order has been received (Wappingers, NY).
3. Paypal will be used. you must send payment as a "Friends and Family" and use a checking account so no fees are assessed. if you send the payment incorrectly and i have to pay fees, you will be responsible for reimbursing me.


reply to this thread with what you want.
If you have any issues with the payment methods please PM me, there will be an additional fee for any payment other than paypal. If you do not make payment within 1 week from the time actual pricing is provided you forfeit your right to buy your grain and to participate in the grain buys until further notice. Not trying to be a jerk, but seriously, if you can't make payment within 1 week then you better contact me directly or don't participate. It slows down the order and it is detrimental to the group participants.

DELIVERY: Will be made to a location in Wappingers, NY.

I will expect participants to work together and figure out a plan to mule sacks for their region. This worked out well last time. in the past we were able to get sacks as far east as Hartford, CT and as far west as Pennsylvania.

K47K will keep us all updated on when the grain order is to arrive, when you should show up to get it, and all that jazz. You, as the buyer, are responsible for picking up your grain or for making arrangements for someone else to pick up and hold your grain for you.
What are the prices? And an expected delivery date? I’m in Pa and depending on that info I’ll be in for 6-8 sacks.
prices vary greatly depending on what you want. delivery will happen a few days after we reach 42 sacks AND payments are received. 2row around $42, maris around $56, german malts around $49
Total Sacks:13 .... 29 to go

I am sending out another email for those that may have missed it. If we dont get movement ill cancel this one and try again when there is more interest. If you posted here an no longer need sacks please let me know.
I’m in for 8, I need some base malts and it’s almost a 3 hour drive I gotta make it worth my while. Do I need to PM someone my email address if moving forward?