Making Rye Crystal Malt at Home?

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The Gulper
Jan 7, 2019
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Valle Lacrimarum
I need to make me some Crystal Rye Malt. I used to use Simpsons Red Rye Crystal Malt previously but I've run out of it and it's nowhere to find now in the available stores. So I plan making it myself from the common Rye Malt.
From various sources I got the general guidelines: a long soak in cold water, then keeping the moist malt at the dextinization temperature for a couple of hours, then drying it in the oven and, finaly, toasting to the desired shade.

That's all clear, the only question left unanswered by any source is the next: is the procedure exactly the same for a huskless grain, like Rye? Does producing crystal malt from huskless grain differ in any way from making husked crystal malt? I hope some people here may have answers.