Late-season new hops bines

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Sep 14, 2021
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Hi all - I planted a Centennial this year from a rhizome and it went bonkers, growing 30' tall and currently growing about 200 hops cones. It had 2 bines originally going up the string, but some new ones started growing from the crown a month or so ago and there's now 4 or 5 new bines growing up the string- and the new bines are now some 7-8 feet tall with lots of leaves. The original 2 bines lost all their bottom leaves, and now the leaves of the new bines are growing more or less where the old bines no longer have any leaves. So, questions: 1) Do I leave the new bines alone? 2) If it happens again late in the season next year, do I trim the new bines? 3) is this going to affect the current batch of cones on the older bines? Thanks!
I'd carefully trim the new bines. You want the plant to put all it's energy into cones at this point, and it's good for the plant to be well ventilated around the base. I highly doubt they'll affect your crop in any significant way if you leave them, though. They just aren't going to do anything worthwhile, so why have the plant put effort into them.
On a new plant you want a lot of growth to help the plant develop. I would let the new bines continue to grow. It's probably close to time to harvest anyway so you could cut down the large bines with cones when you harvest and let the newer bines continue growing until the bines die back in the cold weather.

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