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Apr 25, 2011
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Baton Rouge
Good afternoon all! I'm on my 2nd year of hop growing here in Southern Louisiana. Growing Cascade, centennial, and chinook. The picture below are my cascades and i'm wondering if this is just natural leaf appearance or if i'm suffering from a bug or hop plant disease. I've found a few bugs in the past but i've been keeping them under control over the last couple weeks. If you'll notice, i'm getting these little brown specs along the edges of the leaves. It doesn't look like mildew, and it doesn't look as severe as some of the pics of verticillum wilt. I also see a few holes in some of the leaves. Could it be a pest issue? I've recently upped my watering schedule (drip irrigation) to 45 minutes/day from 45 minutes every 2 days. I shut off the sprinklers during a rain (a few big rains the last few days.) It's growing quite well, this particular bine is nearing 12-15 feet in length. The hop bed was originally planted with a compost/soil mixture. I watered in some miracle grow at the base of the plants a week ago. Any thoughts or am i worrying for nothing? Thanks.

I have the exact same thing going on in my garden (no hops, but plenty of other plants). I'm in northeast Texas, and have much of the same climate and bugs. In my case it's the bugs and the heat, and I suspect yours is the same thing. That plant looks very healthy, even the white leaves at the bottom. I'd get the leaves off the ground, but again, I have no hops, just a decent-sized garden of other plants.
Just checking back in. No issues with my hops last year. Did some spraying and ended up picking about 1 lb of hops. Hoping this year will see a bigger yield, which i expect it will.
The university system says Florida hops are in the works, but being uneducated about beer, they don't name varieties or their qualities.