Keeping kegged fresh sparking cider from fermenting?

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Feb 23, 2010
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litchfield, oh
I've got a bunch of cider and apfelwein going this year, but I've also got 3 leftover gallons of fresh cider in a keg that I'm intending on keeping unfermented, but force carbonating.

My only worry is that even in a 36-40 degree keg under co2, it might still slowly spoil/ferment/potentially become dangerous.

Anybody have thoughts on if a nearly completely pure co2 environment will retard any spoilage of fresh cider? Should I just pitch sorbate into the keg in the hopes that it'll kill off any natural beasties from the squeezer, etc? Ascorbic acid?

The guy I bought the cider from uses UV light to kill anything living in the cider and I brought him carboys wet with sanitizer, but I don't know how clean his filling equipment is, where he left the cork while he was filling, how much dust was in the air, etc.