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Jan 24, 2018
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I bought a used two-tap kegerator and immediately upgraded to the Intertap Triple Tower with Duotight fittings:

It's the first time I've used a tower, and there were no assembly instructions. Does anyone have any tips for the best way to put it together, change lines, etc?

I wound up putting it together myself, but it wasn't easy. It's very tight in there, so there's no room to fit my hands. Tightening everything up was pretty difficult. Then the day after my first beer, I saw a small puddle on the ground in front of one of the wheels. It's been there every morning since then. When I poured a beer tonight, I heard a dripping noise and saw that it was dripping from where the beer line connects to the Duotight fitting on the shank at the top of the tower. I thought I put the beer line in tight enough, but I guess not. But I can't fit my hand in there to press it in tighter. Any suggestions? And if it turns out I need to take the faucet apart - what's the easiest way to do it?


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Aug 19, 2012
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If the leak is happening at the shank-Duotight interface, then it sounds as if the shank isn't seated properly.

Try taking the top cap of the column off. Pull the Duotight fitting up higher on the shank. Without depressing the collar, see if the Duotight fitting comes off. (it should not come off without pressing down the collar. If it does, it is not seated). Repeat process for the other two shanks. You might as well take the opportunity and check your tubing-Duotight interfaces also.

If all the shanks and tubing are seated properly, and you're still leaking from that area, you may want to reach out to Williams Brewing.

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