Duotight For Perlick Shanks?? And EVABarrier length

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Nov 24, 2014
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Los Angeles
I acquired a kegerator second hand and want to replace all the lines and fittings with duotight and EVABarrier.

The tower has Perlick taps installed but the shanks are elbows (or gooseneck?)---see the attached image. From what I'm reading, duotight fittings won't fit these? Is this correct? I know that there are a variety of taps on the market, but Perlick has always seemed to be the tap of choice from the community over the years, so I'm surprised if this is the case.

Is my only option with these to connect the EVABarrier lines directly to the elbow? And then to use fittings in the rest of the system?

And to confirm, I'm calculating that 4mm ID line can be much shorter in the draft line than typical 3/16". Before, I was running 9 or 10 ft, with my Pluto gun, but I'm calculating that I could run 4 or 5 ft of EVABarrier. Does that sound accurate?-------UPDATE, I'm seeing this on another thread from the other day, that the line lengths are fairly accurate given my volumes of CO2.


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Oct 19, 2022
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I just bought a Komos tap tower and it came with this fitting for the shanks. I think that's a 3/16 elbow which push connects and on the other side is a 8mm outer diameter, or 5/16 connection. I believe it's a duotight.
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Oct 12, 2020
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I've been trying for ages to find a definitive answer to this... It 'seems' to be a problem with older parts or older stock. I've been using the standard Kegland Duotight shanks with my Perlick 630SS alongside my Nukataps for a couple years now and had no problem. That said, the last person to ask on here got that same reassurance from me, ordered duotight shanks for his Perlick and it leaked. If you can go in to a bricks and mortar LHBS and see if your Perlicks seat in the shanks you're considering, do it...otherwise, if ordering online you might get older incompatible stock.
In short: No-one has been able to definitively answer this yet.
Best of luck. :mug: