How Long To Soak In Pbw?

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Feb 24, 2007
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So I Have My Pbw And 6 Gal Carboy. Do I Need To Fill The Carboy To The Top And Soak Or Can I Just Swirl It Around A Few Times? How Long Should It Soak? It Has No Visible Dirt Or Anything. I Still Plan To Fill It A Bit With Iodophor And Swirl That Around Before I Fill It.
Well, PBW is a cleanser, so it's used to clean dirty equipment. You can still use it by swirling around, no need to fill it all the way up, but I only clean my equipment if it's dirty. If it's already clean, a quick rinse is fine. Of course, you still have to sanitize and Iodophor is a fine sanitizer. That really is very important, so make sure you sanitize well and properly.
Here is a link for the Sunday Session on the Brewing Network. The 3/19/06 show had Charlie Talley from 5 Star. This might give you some more info on PBW.

Sunday Live Show 03-19-06 20 Mar 2006 Justin
Sunday Live Show 03-19-06 mp3 format

Our first official sanitation show. We are joined by Charlie Talley, one of the founders of Five Star Chemical Company. Charlie tells us all the do's and dont's of Star San, Saniclean, Iodiphor and PBW. It's an all around great discussion that dispels many of the myths around sanitizers, and answers many of the questions homebrewers have regarding sanitizing chemicals.