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Nov 12, 2009
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I brewed a Dunkelweizen a at the tail end of October. I'm sure I did everything right until bottling... It was moved into a secondary fermenter after a week or so in the primary fermentor, only I STILL HAVEN"T Bottled it!!!... Is it bad... It looks fine... hasn't been exposed to light. I don't see anything growing in there and has been in a good temperature controlled area... I'm just concerned that it's been in the secondary for almost 4 months now and worried that I ruined it??? Is it fine or should I dump it?
Don't talk of dumping it. Try tasting it first. I bet it's fine, if not great.

People have secondaried for longer. But, bottle the damn thing, not because it's bad to keep it in the secondary, but because it's been waiting patiently all this time and deserves to be drunk.
Two rules for bottling:

1. Is the gravity stable?
2. Does it taste good?

Nothing about time.
I've gone as long as 18 month in secondary and it came out great. Your beer should be nicely aged by now but could easily go longer if you feel like it. Bulk aged beer is great!
They say that 4-6" is the average, and some are longer... Wait, wrong thread.. :p

Your beer will be FINE. Bulk aging is good for beer.
I bottled it... I tasted a little of it before I bottled it and it tasted very good (except for the fact that it was flat) and had a great aroma... but I'm excited about drinking it in a couple weeks... I'll let you all know how it turned out!
Just to update you guys a few months later... I'm remaking it the same way and waiting this long to bottle it again... it was so good!!!!!