heres what I have on hand...

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Oct 21, 2007
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Hey everyone, I have:
1 oz styrian goldings
2 oz willamette
1 oz mt hood
1 oz hallertau
1.5 oz fuggle
1 oz kent goldings
4 oz cascade
1 oz challenger
2 oz simcoe
4 oz chinook
1 oz columbus
2 oz northern brewer (Whole leaf)

9 # amber DME
6.6 # Dark LME
3.3 # amber LME

2 # crystal
1 # carapils
less than 1 # each of chocolate, roasted barley, black patent

A 1 liter WLP 051 San Fran V Ale yeast starter that has been stirring for 30 hours.


>>>>No recipe yet!<<<<

Any ideas?
Id like to whip something up pre-game tomorow, preferably W/O running over to LHBS, but if i am one key ingredient away from making a killer beer, please mention it. I am going to partial boil about 2 gallons, then add the rest of the water for a 5 gallon batch. (got some nottingham, safale 04 and 05, and windsor dry yeasts as well, if my starter doesnt fit the bill) Thanks a lot everyone!

Forgive me for posting this same message in 2 forums, I should have posted it here, the first time, one time, but instead posted it in beginners first. As an afterthought I felt it may get a better lookins-at over here though...
There's no need to double post, many of us read multiple forums or hit the New Posts button. I like the ideas that were posted in your other thread.

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