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Nov 29, 2023
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Hey y'all!

First and foremost, thank you all for existing and providing all the useful information one could think of while starting up a get-the-friends-drunk factory. Your support and great wealth of knowledge has been an invaluable help, there really haven't been any questions so far that i couldn't find an answer to here.

I'm an electrician and amateur brewer (6 batches so far) in Hungary, i started brewing around March this year with a set consisting of a 30L mash tun/boil kettle (an INOX, sealable drink carrier vessel) and 3 plastic buckets (1 with an o ringed top and a ball valve for fermenting, 1 with a hole for a screw-in valve, one with a ton of holes in the bottom for lautering and enough snap-top bottles to keep 2 batches circulating (you probably know the type :D ). Recently added in a scrapyard mini fridge with an incubator thermostat and some copper pipes that i've bent into a cooling coil. I have only made recipe packs so far (a viking APA) and i feel like i have a good understanding on the basics of this specific type now (of the process, not the different yeast strains, god help me), so i'm looking into something more complicated (i absolutely adore belgian tripels and quadrupels).
My main goal is to start being self-sufficient, which is slowly, but steadily starting to see more and more achievable.
My only guideline is being absolutely natural and never adding any priming sugar (which worked out great so far, big thanks to Kaiser and his calculations) ATM i'm working on a malt mill to be able to buy grains in bulk and thinking a lot about getting a stainless fermentation vessel made with one of those conical bottoms for durability and so i waste less liquid on trub each brew.

Again, thank you all for always providing this massive storehouse of knowledge,

Happy brewing!

arpuli (Presto)