Hello from Derby UK.

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Sep 11, 2017
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Hello to everyone.

My name is Matt, I'm a content advertising and marketing consultant (commercial film maker) with a plan to produce Mead and try to commercialise it beyond a hobby. Some of my extended family have in brewing with my father-in-law learning his trade with Bass in Burton Upon Trent before then working all over the world.

I do however want to take my time, learn as much as I can and ensure I can produce something special. What really interests me is the idea of a lower alcohol hydromel. (I know there's some contention over the name but essentially a 5% alcohol content mead). Which could be drunk as an accompaniment to a meal like a craft beer or lager.

Has anyone had much success producing something of that sort? I'm a total newbie and this is the very start of my journey. I'm reading for hours each day but would appreciate some anecdotal viewpoints. :mug: Matt
Welcome Matt from Vermont USA! :mug:

My best low alcohol melomel was lemon melomel.
Very basically it was a one gallon must fermented in a gallon jug.
all ingredients were used in the primary fermentation
2 lbs local honey - 3/4 gal. spring water - 1 cup cane sugar -
2 lemons cut into small wedges to easily fit into the gal. jug
I used a yeast energizer and pitched Lalvin K1-V1116 yeast