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Jan 5, 2005
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Puyallup, Washington
I have yet to make my first batch, but I am gathering supplies.

I have made a 304 16 g stainless steel boiler, should be about 11 gallons if I did my math right. Eventualy I will need to make a new one as the inside has a mig weld in it which could be difficult to clean.

I am currently shopping for a burner which can get this monster boiling. No stove top or 5th burner that I have found can get it going. My local Gijoes has several burners which may work, I have not checked all of them but I am looking at around 50k btu on lp. Is that enough horse power to get this thing going?

I can and will make my own wort chiller. Everything else I will end up buying.

Anywho dinner calls, I just want to say hi and expect questions from me.

If my boiler works out, I might be willing to make and sell a few to others. fyi.
I read about the sanitary weld and it just doesn't work for me. When you boil in that pot it will be sterilized weld or not. I think that whole weld issue is overblown. It might be an issue in a fermentor or secondary, but I question just how much of a risk it is. Then again, I make a living weighing risk/benefit/cost. ;)
I have never known that sanitary welds was a popular topic. I agree that boiling it would sanitize it, I was just wondering if it could have a long term effect, perhaps gunk from the previous brew would foul the intended flavor.
Wahoo, put together the 70k btu burner I bought and got about 8 or 9 gallons boiling after about 40 minuets. Use about half of a 20lb lp tank.

Now I just need to head to my local brew store and buy fermenters and ingredients.

what you need to look for is called a low boy, its a huge burner that produces something like 1500k btu's you can find them used reasonably at resturaunt supply companys