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Jul 20, 2010
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Hello Homebrewtalk! I was very active on the forum long ago. I got my homebrew start back in 2010 with a lot of research and advice from this very forum. I have still been active brewing, but lost touch with the community during covid. Since starting homebrewing I have become a national ranked beer judge with BJCP and done some professional brewery work with brewing and distributing. Most recently I have acquired a full system from SSBrewtech that I am about to do a pilot batch with. 2 brewmaster kettles, infusion mash tun and a unitank, paired with 2 riptide pumps, RIMS system and the new counterflow chiller from Spike. I am super excited to get that system up and running and planning a test batch in the next couple of weeks to dial in all of my volumes and variables.

So anyway, just a hi and reintroduction to all I hope I can share some knowledge and have some good conversation along the way. Cheers!
I did a cip on the unitank tonight and doing a pilot batch tomorrow to figure out all of my volumes. The fun of new setups is dialing in everything, especially with 5g setup. Brewing something along the lines of a blonde ale with what I have on hand.


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