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Apr 9, 2014
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I know this has probably been discussed numerous times in here, but I'm new to kegging and need some advice before heading to warmer pastures for 10 days. I have a newly set up kegerator with a corny keg with a light Canadian Ale currently on tap. I'm thinking it may be best to shut off the CO2 while I'm gone, even though everything seems fine and no leaks. I did purge the keg while I was carbonating it about a week ago and again tonight, but wondering if I need to do it again if it's going to be sitting with no use for a week and a half. How much purging is needed? Do I need to worry about the beer going bad if there's some air in there? Also, if the CO2 is shut off, will it be easy to gain the carbonation back when I return and turn it back on? Thanks so much for any advice anyone has!