Goin back to AG today!!!

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Sep 1, 2007
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Got my sanitizing methods worked out. Did two extract brews that turned out great, even with a couple of mistakes. Today im doing an IPA. Using Edworts Stone IPA grain bill.

10.5 Two Row Pale
1 Munich
1 Crystal 20.

For the hops Im taking Yuri's suggestion and using.

1.5 Centennial 60
1 Centennial 20
1 Amarillo 0
.5 Centennial 0

Then Im gonna dry hop it with one oz of Centennial, and .5 of Amarillo.

Things are going smooth so far. Mash water is heating, Im drinking some Abita Jockomo IPA, and a couple of my home brews. And listening to BB King! Gonna be a great day!!!:rockin: :rockin: