Garage hanging heater LP to Natural Gas?

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Nov 2, 2007
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East Dundee, Illinois
Ok I build brew equipment and sometimes I've even brewed out in my detached garage/shop so this is somewhat brewing related....

I currently have a 30,000 BTU ventless heater out on my shop and it is OK but it puts way too much moisture into the air, starting to rust things.

I have been looking for a heater on Craigslist like the one below. I actually bought one a couple months ago but it was 140,000 BTU and I don't have a large enough natural gas pipe run out there to handle that. The pipe I have will do a max of around 100,000 BTU input. So I'm going to sell that one.

I bought one a week ago that is 40,000 BTU, I forgot to check if it was natural gas or LP... Apparently it is LP (I was in a hurry when buying it etc...). I will try to get pictures later.

What all will I need to do to convert this to natural gas? I would prefer to actually use this unit as it is hard to find one at a good price (I got it for $70). I have a set of numbered drill bits if needed.

call or write the manufacturer. they should have a real simple kit. it should only take about 5 minutes to do the switch over.
Great, I'll look in to that tonight. The heater is not even close to new (as you could tell by the price...) so I'll see if the manufacturer still exists.
I know my natural gas company will drill your orifice (tee hee) for free. Just pull the old one out and have it drilled.
Usually you can get an orifice kit and swap it, but I have known a few people to drill theirs out and it works fine too. Just make sure you have a pro do it.
Seems like my first step is to contact the manufacturer tonight and see if they have a conversion kit, that way it would have the orifice as well as any other parts I'd need (like the spring).

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