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For Sale 10 gallon natural gas/electric HERMS system, all brewery equipment

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Oct 14, 2013
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Complete homebrewing system. Works great, I just don't have time for it anymore.

3 x 20 gallon spike brewing kettles. HLT customized with a 5500W heating element and 50' 1/2" stainless steel coil
Everything uses cam-lock quick disconnects
2 chugger pumps
Boil kettle heated by a natural gas blichmann floor burner
Unistrut brew cart
Stainless steel hop spider
stainless whirlpool arm
2 roller monster mill with extended hopper
55lb postal scale for weighing grain
Electrical control panel based off TheElectricBrewery.com's design. Operates on a 30 AMP 220V circuit.
50 AMP spa panel GFCI
silicone hoses, gas hoses, and electrical cords.


4 ball lock kegs - 3 functional, one just a shell.
bottle capper
counter pressure bottle filler
2 pressure primary CO2 regulator
Seconadary 2 pressure CO2 regulator
2 Perlic stainless taps
12 1/2 gallon amber growlers


7 cubic foot GE chest freezer
STC-1000 based dual stage temperature controller
Paint can heater
2 * 6 gallon ported Better Bottles with blowoff tube attachments
6 gallon PET big mouth bubbler
oxygen wand/regulator

2L and 3L boroscillicate glass Erlenmeyer flasks
stir starter stir plate
scale for weighing hops
too many other accessories to list.

Will not separate. $1750 $1400 $1275. Location: La Verne, CA 91750

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