Fresh, Candied, Powdered and in Syrup, Ginger Pale Ale

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Mar 28, 2020
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Hi all!
I wanting to make a Ginger PA, with a Bundaberg kick, around 5%ish. Using extract malts and hops, 23l.

I have to my disposal, Fresh Ginger, Candied Ginger, Powdered Ginger and some pieces in syrup. I also have a vodka ginger tincture extract. The candied ginger is very fiery and hot, and there's a lot of flavour in the syrup ginger pieces too.

My questions are;

1. Do I add the fresh ginger raw, or shall I boil it first? How long should it be boiled for to retain maximum flavour? Ive heard boiling ginger, letting it cool, and reboiling it, intensifies the flavour? Should it be boiled in just water or with sugar?

2. Should ginger powder be avoided, I haven't seen many recipes with it, and some say its too strong?

3. When would it be best to add any of these ingredients, at the start and leave it in the ferment, or in a mesh bag for a set time period, or just at the end of bottling (ginger tincture)? Is it best to add them all at the start and just let them ferment and create flavours?

4. When adding candied/syrup ginger pieces, should I reduce the amount of malt sugar to tally?

5. When bottling, could I use the Syrup that the ginger pieces had been in? Is the vodka
tincture a bit harsh?

6. Any other flavourings? Ive seen Juniper berries, Pepper corns and Cayenne
pepper added.

7. Hop Choices? I thought Amarillo, Galena, Zitra, Columbus Motueka, Summit, Cascade, Simcoe styles?

Thank you greatly in advance. :)
I brewing Charlie Papazian's "Ginger Dinger" recipe on Monday. Recipe here:

It uses a 8oz of grated ginger and has it added with 10min left in the boil. This is the "traditional" and perhaps older way to do additions like this. Denny Conn & Drew Beechum in their Experiment Brewing Podcast recommend doing the tincture method that allows you to dial in your amounts.

I'd love to see what you come up with. I'll be watching the thread for updates. Thanks.
Thanks for the reply!

I really think the candied ginger and stem ginger in syrup will give it a great taste. I think it should go in from the beginning and ferment all the way with the fresh ginger. Im using extracts, so not much boiling. Do you think the ginger should be pre-boiled first to release flavour? Ive heard boiling ginger a few times over again, increases the flavour.
Whats the maximum amount of pellets you would dry hop with a ginger ale to not overpower it? 20-35g

Any hop recommendations with ginger? Starting this today :)
Whats the maximum amount of pellets you would dry hop with a ginger ale to not overpower it? 20-35g

Any hop recommendations with ginger? Starting this today :)
If you do add hops, I wouldn’t go by weight. I’d go by the number of IBUs you’re looking for. I wouldn’t honestly know where to start. I made a ginger pop that was hop free. Here’s a BYO article that may be of interest to you.
@hafmpty - I’m curious how the Ginger Dinger turned out? I’m thinking of brewing it too, but from what I’ve read 8 oz. seems like quite a lot? Any feedback is appreciated!
Well, to be honest I’d never make it again. But it wasn’t because of the ginger. It was because of the coriander and ginger combination. It just did not work In my opinion. If I were to do it again I would just do the ginger. It was definitely one of the strangest flavored beers I’ve made.
Okay, thanks! Apologies for taking this a little off-topic, but I’ve been curious about the amounts of ginger in various recipes. You’d think that being from Charlie P. and published in Zymurgy it would be pretty tasty, but I’ve been burned by that before...
Support the question. Planning to brew some ginger wine style beer, and wonering how much ginger to add. So far I have seen anything from 200 g / 5 gal to 200 g / 5l (units make tons of difference here).