first shot at brewing...........

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Jan 11, 2008
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northeast Montana
for me:
5 gallons tree top apple juice
1 can tree top apple juice concentrate
2 pounds brown sugar
1-11g package of Danstar Windsor yeast

for the wife:
5 gal tree top apple juice
1 can store brand raspberry & apple juice concentrate
4-15 oz cans Oregon Raspberries in heavy syrup
1-11g package of Danstar Windsor yeast

anyone see any problems? figure ill have to rack the raspberry cider for sure. but other than that i should be good? had i read Edworts thread before hitting the LHBS i would have tried to follow his recipe but since i hadnt and i dont care for very dry wines i figured what the heck and went with the brown sugar to try and make it more tart and the extra thing of concentrate to increase the flavor hopefully. the guy at the LHBS suggested the Windsor yeast for apple cider so its what i got. for a container im using 7 gal ale pails cause its what ive got. sterilized the heck out of everything and that took longer than putting everything together and hauling it downstairs. placed it in a shower we dont use so if something does go wrong(which it shouldnt) and it over flows i wont get in trouble by SWMBO :D