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Aug 24, 2008
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Hello, I've just taken up brewing my own cider and have just pressed my first batch. I gathered up some windfalls and put them into the freezer to pulp and press when I had a good load (I thought they wouldn't go rotten like this). I also gathered a load of fresh windfalls (no more than 3 days old) and pulped and pressed these on the same day (24/08/08).

I thawed the frozed apples and pulped then. They squashed down very easily and when pressed produced a milky green juice.

The fresh windfalls were a lot harder to pulp and presed down into a brown juice. I got more juice from the frozen ones.

I ended up putting 2 campden tablets in each of the gallon jars. The brown juice seemed to go a bit cloudy and the green juice was unaffected.

Would anyone be able to tell me if freezing apples before hand will affect the end product and have I ruined it all by putting too many campden tabglets in.

Also does using very young apples have any adverse affect ?



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Jun 4, 2006
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I don't have a crusher (or a press), so I freeze all of my apples and crabapples to make them easier to work with. That should be fine. I use campden tablets at the rate of one per gallon, which is about standard. If you use too much, just stir it up well to dissapate the sulfite.

I haven't used unripe apples, so I can't answer that one.