First batch of Apfelwein

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adam h

Feb 18, 2008
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Orland Park, IL
I scored an empty 4 gallon custard bucket from my favorite donut shop last night and decided I needed to try some of edwort's apfelwein. I was told by a guy at my local hb store that President's Choice Not from concentrate apple juice from Jewel (Chicago guys will know what I'm talking about) produces the best taste and is pretty cheap. The first one I tried was sold out...suspicious:rolleyes: Anyway, at the second Jewel I tried they only had 1 gallon on the shelf but a stockman found me a whole case in the back. $3.29 per gallon with preferred card, in 1 gallon jugs. I used table sugar instead of corn sugar and added a dash of yeast nutrient, but otherwise I stayed true to edwort's recipe, ie. the ratio of sugar to juice since that's about all there is to it. Can't wait to see how it turns out!