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California Fermentation Chamber - Has A New Home

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Mar 31, 2020
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Over the hill, and through the woods..
Hi All,

The time has come for me to replace my DIY FC. I just finished fermenting a batch, so it still runs strong. It is a mini fridge that I attached a wood chamber onto, with foam insulation boards and tape on the inside. Heating mat, fan, temp probe is not included. The cover (the Marvel thing) is purpose built for it, so that is included. It is placed over the door for additional insulation.

Outside Physical Dimensions: 32" Long, 22" Wide, 32.5" Tall

I have a whole bunch of physical measurements for the inside, but it probably easier to tell you what WILL fit which is reinforced by the opening being 29.5" inches tall and 16.25" wide.

2 7G Fermonsters, both utilizing blowoff via quart sized mason jars. (One of mine has a spigot, no issues w/spacing, 2 could fit)
1 7G Fermonster w/blow off jar and 2 corny kegs. (Star San Purging)
3 Kegs with 1 blow off

and..I don't have it anymore so I can't recall with 100% certainty but I'm pretty sure I had a 30L Speidel and 1 7G Fermonster in there at one point as well.

Don't really want to give it away, but I'm not that interested in holding onto it and haggling over price either.

Willing to lug a generator so you can see/feel it run so you’ll know you’re getting a working unit.

Final Notes:
Local Pickup (SoCal)
I'll have to borrow a truck to bring this to a public place where you can pick it up. Which means you're taking it, no browsing, kicking the tires, etc.
No..the juice is not included. I was just too lazy to take it out when I took the pic.

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