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  1. HM-2

    Double IPA "Eldritch Terror" - West Coast Imperial IPA

    Let's start this one with some gratuitous use of thematically appropriate AI generated art: And maybe a picture of the beer in question? I've been on a bit of a Westie kick for probably six months now, and one of the things it's taught me is that I'm very particular about the WCIPAs I...
  2. R

    Have little experience and not sure if i over did it

    I steeped vienna golden pils and csramel 20l for 20 mins The (2.5gallon) boiled 12 pounds (4cans) of maris otter light malt extract Added galaxy and Pacific jade hops at 60 mins 1oz each Calypso 2oz at 30 min Then belgian candi syrup and .5oz mt hood hops at 10 mins Dry hopping with german...
  3. MT's AZ Ale Haus

    "The Juice Is Worth The Squeeze" Imperial IPA

    I finally settled on what will be my 3rd Brew. I should be starting it in 3 weeks, I'll keep you posted. It's kind of a Grapefruit Sculpin/Fresh Squeezed Hybrid Clone “The Juice Is Worth The Squeeze” Imperial IPA Grain Bill 15# American 2 Row 1.25# Munich Light .75# Crystal 20L Hops .5oz...
  4. giannie

    How to incorporate koji rice into beer?

    I want to make a sake-beer hybrid, in an Imperial IPA style. It's called Chiba Byakko Daiginjo, a 7.5gal boil for a 5gal brew. It's cyberpunk themed. Grain bill: American 2-Row Malt (4 lbs.) 1.8L Munich Malt (2 lbs.) 6L Koji Rice (4 lbs.) ?L Cinchona bark (Quinine) (X lbs.) Guarana berries (...
  5. EnVinoVeritas

    Yeast Suggestion - Double IPA

    Here is the recipe I wanted to model after..."Damn Devil Double IPA" Damn Devil Double IPA --------------------- Brewer: DT Style: Imperial IPA Batch: 5.00 gal Characteristics --------------- Recipe Gravity: 1.128 OG Recipe Bitterness: 152 IBU Recipe Color: 14° SRM Estimated FG: 1.032 Alcohol...
  6. U

    10%abv IIPA, gotta love it

    Why, because I could :) US-05 when treated nicely got this from 1.080 down to 1.009. 100 IBU, 6 SRM and a beauty to look at. 83% Canadian Two Row 14% Cane Sugar 3% Carapilz 20oz of hops were used from FWH, 60, 20,5 and dry hopped ranging from Centennial, Columbus, Northern Brewer, Amarillo...