Dry hopping IPA well after ferementation

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Jul 28, 2011
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san diego
I'm curious if any one here has experience with dry hopping a beer 4-6 weeks after fermentation is complete.
I usually brew 10 gallons but my upcoming schedule has me not drinking beer for a couple of weeks. My plan was to ferment in 2 5-gallon carboys, dry hop a small amount during fermentation then take one 5 gallon carboy dry hop as normal, and transfer the other 5 gallons to a keg and keep cold (35degF). Then, about 4-6 weeks after kegging, I'll warm up to 55degF or so and dry hop in the keg as usual. It seems like it should work, but hopefully someone here has done this before and can share their outcome. All comments are welcome!


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Jan 9, 2013
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Pasadena, MD
Sure that will work fine, except your hop profile from the boil/whirlpool hops will be reduced/changed more or less due to aging. Maybe use more dry hops to compensate?

I've dry hopped in kegs before. Use one or more roomy, fine mesh nylon bag(s) with enough glass marbles (or a stainless fitting) to weigh it down. Beer needs to be able to freely flow in and out the bags. Roll or shake the keg once or twice a day for the next few days to extract the flavor aroma. Room temps or low 60s are best for dry hopping.

As always, oxygen (air) is beer's, especially hop's worst enemy, and time (aging) makes it worse.
  • Use a CO2 bag (balloon) when cold crashing.
  • Use 100% liquid pre-purged kegs and fill through the liquid out post, never removing the lid.
  • Do closed transfers (or as close to them) if possible.
  • To minimize air ingress when dry hopping the keg, stream CO2 in while removing the lid (PRV open), drop the (purged) hop bag, against the CO2 stream, close up and purge a few times.
Then chill, force carbonate, and start enjoying it the next day. It gets better over the following week. For the first few days your first pour may contain some very bitter hop dust that's settling. Some like it, most hate. Drink or discard the first few ounces until it has all cleared.