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  1. H

    Foamy Apple cider - Keg

    Good day friends! I need help , I’ve kegged and force carbonated my cider but when I want to pour the cider it is 90% foam. Can someone help me?
  2. P

    Is my fermentation done?

    Hello, It has been two weeks since I brewed my pacific coast IPA. The FG is pretty close (recipe says FG of 1.013. Last I checked, after 7 days fermenting, it was at 1.010). I usually keg at two weeks, however, I noticed the airlock is still bubbling at about 1 bubble every 10 seconds. Does that...
  3. C

    Beer came out wrong

    I just tapped my corny keg of lager and it came out all muddy and it tastes weird. I used the craft a brew light lager 5 gallon kit, which I’ve bottled before and it came out great. The beer looked good when I transferred it from the fermenter to the keg a week ago. I set it to 10 psi and last I...
  4. D

    Storing beer in corny keg?

    Once again, asking those who are more knowledgeable… How long can I store beer in a corny keg? I have a few kegs, and if I was to fill them all with beer, would I need to keep them all connected to co2? Or could I force carb them as I needed to? Would they need to be kept refrigerated? Or...
  5. R

    How do you go about serving with 100% Nitrogen?

    I'm wondering if anybody has experience serving with 100% Nitrogen. This is the process I'm currently planning to implement. CO2 Carbonation with the Carb Stone: Carb Stone: Connect your CO2 tank to the port with the carb stone. The carb stone, due to its porous nature, diffuses the CO2...
  6. Barleycapable

    Warm taps foaming initially

    I built a keezer last year and it's been awesome, but I've had a persistent problem with foam during initial pours. I keep my keezer in the garage (no space for it inside and the wife wouldn't particularly care for it) and I live in Texas, so temps inside the garage regularly go into the 100s...
  7. U

    Checklist for kegerator setup

    First time posting here! Awesome site with tons of information, so thanks to everyone. I used to bottle my beer but now I have a spare fridge and went and bought a 20lb C02 tank, couple of corny kegs. I am overwhelmed with all the information out there so looking for some help in getting the...
  8. mccamich

    When to carbonate?

    I'm planning on kegging a dry stout on Thursday, a blonde ale on Friday, and a lager next Wednesday. These are all brews I'm planning on bringing to a big backyard party 2 Saturdays from now. Should I... a) Keg the brews as planned, carbonate immediately, and store the carbonated brews until...
  9. Mattyg91

    Need Help Rigging Tank And 2 Mini Kegs

    Okay, so my father in law bought two of these Vevor mini kegs —> VEVOR Beer Growler Tap System, 270Oz Mini Keg, 8L Pressurized Beer Growler, 304 Stainless Steel Mini Keg Growler, Comes with Dual Pressure Display CO2 Regulator Faucet 20" Beer Hose Relief Ring, Black | VEVOR US They take the...
  10. K5GC

    Texas Pin Lock Kegs For Sale/Trade

    I recently bought 13 pin lock kegs for a small keezer build only find out that 2 of them fit EXTREMELY tightly into the freezer I bought. I'd prefer the slightly more slender ball locks so I am looking to trade as many as possible for ball lock kegs. Will also sell for $45 each OBO. Delivery...
  11. leeeroy

    Kegging 2.5 gal batch in 5 gal corny keg

    Novice homebrewer and new to the forum here. Are there any downsides to kegging smaller batches in a larger corny keg? I have acquired some 5 gallon corny kegs but only have the equipment to mash and boil smaller batches. I think the only downside is that it would take more CO2 to force carb...
  12. R

    Experimenting with CO2

    Hi, I am a new member here and fairly new to home brew. I am just about to rack my fermenter into bottles, this is the third kit I have done. Already I am tired of sanitizing 30 odd bottles and have been having issues with some of my bottles not sealing and resulting in flat beer, I have no...
  13. W

    CO2 regulator

    In process of building a Keezer new to all grain brewing. Only thing I have left to do is purchase a CO2 regulator and some tap shanks. I am being told I should go with a Micromatic regulator duel Gauge is around $120 plus tax cad The other option I see is a Taprite with same features for $90...
  14. D

    Kegs and Cold Crashing

    I keep my kegerator in my garage in Minnesota over the winter and it’s not heated. I bottle most of the winter. I’m in a situation where I have to keg a beer but only have about 48 hours available above freezing. The beer in the keg freezes when it hits 0 degrees outside, which it will be this...
  15. Sammy86

    Is it just me or are bottled conditioned Homebrew better than kegged?

    I've recently started making 12 gallon split batches and bottling a 6 pack of each to save. I've noticed all anecdotally of course that I'm enjoying the bottle conditioned beers more. I feel the flavor is deeper and richer, the aroma is more prominent and I'm really enjoying them more than off...
  16. B

    Fruit beer kegging and yeast killer

    I kegged for the first time this summer… blueberry wheat… when it was new, it had a nice light blueberry flavor, towards the end, there is no blueberry flavor at all…I have a question: how do you preserve the fruit flavor? Now that I’m kegging, can I use a yeast killer?
  17. D

    Cider aging on lees in fermentor

    Hello I am looking at trying to age some cider before kegging. I currently only have one keg. What I planned on doing was as follows Once fermented to required FG Transfer cider from fermentor in to a 30lt/8 gal food grade storage drum with double air locks. Once in the drum purge the O2 out...
  18. J

    Kegging Vs Bottling

    I've recently brewed a mango IPA using the BIAB method. It's turned out really well. Very hoppy and lovely taste. I bottled 5l of it and kept the other 10l for my keg. Ive bought a 5l keg which I've used for the first time with this brew. The beer tasted nice and had a nice head, it was just a...
  19. B

    Kompensatorzapfhahn/compensator tap

    Does any one use a Kompensatorzapfhahn/compensator tap? It seems to be strictly a German thing. English would be beer engine. I want to know if it as simple as installing into any metal keg like any other bulkhead. I assume you don’t any kind of purge or vent because that that’s the job of the...
  20. mccamich

    Nitrogenating Keg Using Diffusion Stone...Same Volume of CO2 as NCO2?

    Hey all. I brewed an Irish stout that I am very excited about and I decided to keg it (first time kegging) and to nitro it (also first time nitrogenating). I have all the equipment, the tank, the regulator, the hoses, the diffusion stone, etc and I'm 90% sure that I know how to hook it all up to...