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Dec 5, 2007
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Spokane, WA
I was lucky enough to go on a tour and sampling event last night with my girlfriend at Dry Fly distillery here in Washington State. Its the first distillery in the state since prohibition and is the only distillery in the state. Pretty cool they just make up a big batch of beer (with no hops) in the fermenting tanks, I think just wheat, water and a dry lager yeast believe it or not (suprised the hell out of me because the fermenter tanks sit at about 80 degrees) for the Vodka they make, then they run it through the still and out comes Vodka. simplified version i know. while we were there the owner invited us to come in on the weekend and help them bottle for a few hours, im pretty stoked and right next door is a brew-pub! The distillers actually use the brewerys equipment to mill the grains as well as using their equipment to do the mash. while having a couple pints with the owner i was asking what they did with the yeast after fermentation and he said they just get rid of it I said i was willing to take some of the yeasty beasties off his hands and he told me i didnt want his yeast and that he could get me yeast from the brewery next door because they just get rid of it as well. he told me to bring in a couple growlers and he'll hook me up with some yeast! Score!
yea he was saying it would make a really dry beer they go from 1.056 gravity to .98 or something in that ballpark.