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Mar 11, 2009
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I have several questions about corn sugar vs. white cane sugar. I bottled my first cider batch and primed the bottles with white cane sugar. After three solid weeks at warm temp only one has carbonated, and it has been carbonated for several weeks, the rest are flat. I have started several more batches of cider since and use cane sugar to ferment. My question is what the real difference is between the two and which to use and when, in relation to bottling and fermenting cider and/or apple wine.

My second batch I bottled only 1 bottle to carbonate and the rest as still cider. I again used cane sugar, however, that bottle is rock hard after 1 week.

In terms of fermenting and bottling is one more "potent" or "sweeter" than the other?
" Ounce for ounce, cane sugar generates a bit more carbon dioxide than corn sugar, and both pure sugars carbonate more than malt extract, so you will need to take that into account."

-John Palmer HowtoBrew.com

Either sugar should work fine for carbing, the cane sugar, according to most sources I've seen, generates more CO2 (per equal weight as mentioned), so if you have some that isn't carbing up then likely it's not the sugar that's the problem.

Bottles are sealed? Yeast health? Did in fact add the sugar?

As far as using the sugars for the alcohol boost, (a major fermentable component as opposed to the small amount needed for bottling) the cane sugar is said to possibly add off flavors that are said to be cidery or winey, which may not really be a problem in an apple cider/wine so much as a beer.

I think a lot of people use it, though dextrose (corn sugar/glucose) is easier for yeast to eat up than sucrose (table cane/beet sugar). I don't think they are notably different as far as the alcohol they produce, and if memory serves, sucrose is sweeter than dextrose, as perceived by humans and fructose is sweeter than either (this really doesn't matter unless perhaps you are stabilizing and back sweetening)
hmmm? Sounds like it shouldn't have made much difference. Although I'm brand new to brewing, I made sure I primed each bottle with cane sugar...I used 1 1/3 teaspoon per liter bottle. I had fermented the cider for 2 weeks. When I tasted it out of the fermentor it was fairly dry and had slight hint of c02 already. I kept the bottles at the same temp as when I was fermenting. What is weird is that one bottle "plastic bottles" did get tight. I tried to turn the bottles every weak to make sure they were mixed. I guess I'll give it another shot. My second batch seems to be working better, but I did the same thing pretty much, although a different yeast this time "Lalvin EC-1118". I chilled a bottle down today from the first flat batch and had my first taste of Home Brew. Lets just say I have high hopes for the next batch!