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Evets said:
another year closer to being a dead brewer.

lol, i'm working on it :cross:

i'm late picking up these messages cuz there was a party last night and i started officially celebrating my b-day at midnight! finished my keg of cream ale, probably half of it by myself...that stuff was so f'in crisp and smooth.

a nice dinner, pool and whatever craft brew they have on tap tonight. i was thinking of wearing this t-shirt with my suit jacket:


i think i'll make a birthday brew tomorrow...another light beer that i can drink ALOT of :rockin: good think morebeer is open on sunday

thanks everyone :mug:
YooperBrew said:
Happy birthday! How lucky you are to have your birthday on a Saturday. You can drink and party all day long. And I hope you do! :mug:
you know what. i think i'm gonna start drinking again right now! thanks, yoop.

p.s. can i get a birthday kiss? :eek: :D