Cooler for chilling unit? Can I insulate it?

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Jan 29, 2012
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I have one of the typical AC unit type chillers with a cheap plastic cooler. Been working for years.
Now I want to build a "better" more efficient one.

Should I get a better cooler? Or can I insulate a cheap one? Like spray foam in the lids and sides?

Or what is a cheap brand of a decent one? I thought Walmart had some Yeti type knockoffs...
I have seen some cooler comparison videos that showed the Yeti coolers are only about 5% better at ice retention than the Coleman Xtreme line of coolers.

I think you’d be better off either insulating the one you’ve got or buying a Coleman Xtreme
I was able to get a yeti knock-off cooler rather cheap.
Now gotta figure the best way to place access hose for wires and tubing

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