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Apr 16, 2024
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I figured I should show off the kegerator I built a couple years ago.
My old one was built out of a chest freezer and it died, so I decided this one needed to be done right.
As it turns out Second City in Toronto was shutting down (they have a new venue now) and I managed to buy up all three of there bar fridges for cheap, though we did have to lift the damn things over the bar to get them out.
All three are commercial Perlick units, and the one I rebuilt for my kegerator has a remote pump (I stuffed that in my basement stairwell so keep a little more heat out of my kitchen).


Over the years I've collected a bunch of stuff from a couple bars being renovated. So this is now fully kitted for three kegs plus an extra coupler modified for force carbing them.
Including three FOBs that I have yet to test.


I picked up that tower for cheap from a bar being renovated, it was originally refrigerant cooled, but I converted it to water cooling right to the taps so it actually works better than stock.
Shortly after that picture was taken I had to insulate the top and the back of the taps to keep condensation from making a mess.
And of course that drip try was installed.

To the right of that picture is the rest of my kitchen and to the left is a short hallway to the living room.
So having the tower on the side worked out perfectly.
The countertop will be dedicated to brewing once I have that finished.
Very impressive purchase!

I recently purchased a commercial beer cooler, double doors and it'll hold eight corny kegs. I'll keep six in it most times, three on tap and three waiting. I brew ten gallon batches so it'll work perfect.

Good luck getting yours set up, you're a lucky guy!