Consuming temperature.

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What temp do you drink your cider?

  • Cold?

  • Room temp?

  • Hot?

  • Other?

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I like it colder. The batch I made last year, when it is served cold it improves the crispness of it, it's almost like Champagne in a way. But I'd have to experiment now that I left some 'still' (flat) this year.
I made a batch of still Apfelwein and I drink it at room temp. The carbonated stuff I much prefer cold.
Sorry, had to vote Nader on this one... while most of my cider consumption (and my preferred) has been cold, I will also sometimes drink it at room temperature ('samples' from the fermenter) or warmed (mulled) around the holidays.
I'm in the room temp camp.
That goes for almost everything but hard liquor.

Some light american lagers I like cold but other than that I feel room temp gives me more flavor (smell).

This is not always a good thing...