Chugger Pump Screws too tight.

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Oct 28, 2018
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I just got my spike brewing setup and the last thing I am doing is taking the screws out of the Chugger heads and rotating them. They are extremely tight, but I loosened six of the screws on two pumps.
Two of the screws on one of the pumps are frozen tho, and won't loosen, and the screw's Phillips heads are looking like they are stripping now. Short of returning the pump, are there any ideas?
An old, low quality screwdriver could be the problem. What kind of condition is it in?
You may want to try to slot them with a thin abrasive disk and use a flat-head to get them out, then. You can also try a Wera laser tip screwdriver. They use a laser to put a textured pattern on the tip that prevents it from slipping out of the screw head. They are awesome and can do this: